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User ‘s journey is a mapping conducted on the process of using a product or service , including goals, user needs and emotions. It includes rational desires and emotional ones that most often are not apparent in the process. The mapping is done through conversations (interviews ) , on-site observation and monitoring of users throughout the process . It takes into account the goals, emotions and elements that may influence this drive/path . Ie maps to what each involved user is feeling , thinking and doing when interacting with the steps , people, equipment and processes of experience.


What does a User Journey something more important than a simple delivery of the mapping of users, scenarios and processes with which it interacts is the ability to track the user experience and all its highs and lows , even critics who often end up not being understood clearly.

Through visualization of the process and the different views of users can more easily recognize these points of attention , and modify them in a timely manner and even more simple and efficient , making the experience more pleasant , agile and higher value for users , adding value to the brand.