What we do

The Idealiza develops innovative processes making alignment
strategic brand based on the methodology Design Thinking supported
by previous experience of the consultant and the company.

The projects run the purpose of the brand , mapping and drawing
User’s Journey ( Journey Map) , which is the value of the reference
brand for the user and the company . we find it the concentration
of the brand value and from this reference we guide the organization
with the vision of all areas , so she delivered this value with
engagement , empathy and focus on the end user, whoever he is.

Experience the Journey is transformed into projects that are
co-created with the teams of the company and support of Idealiza
Network to meet the user and add value to the brand.

The Idealiza monitors the implementation of projects from creation to deployment , defining responsible , deadlines, challenges to overcome , the involvement of other key areas and the best way for testing and prototyping in practice with the establishment of monitoring indexes to the success.

Results: adding value and as a result brand
differentiation through experience.


The Market Diagnosis is made ​​based on a qualitative analysis of market performance , major competitors, the existence identification or not alignment between the company's purpose and the experience offered by the brand to its users. In addition, it evaluates the position , potential threats and opportunities , and the profile of the team to be developed.
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The Design Thinking is a creative methodology that allows the inclusion of an emotional bias in developing strategies and building designs and creative solutions to problems and challenges faced by many teams in companies of different segments and markets.

By involving professionals from different areas and in some cases even consumers themselves , users, suppliers and strategic partners , the Design Thinking generates an expansion of vision and a broader and deeper understanding of the real motivation of each involved in the process.

In addition, the steps taken by the creative methodology allow contact with the emotional and practical side at an early stage , which speeds up the progress of the construction of creative solutions process. And in the final stages allows the flexibility to resume the initial steps for checking and encourages learning through error X hit and assertive and creative attitude in people.
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One of the creative tools used to generate innovation is Building Character seeking easy viewing and empathy for the main users of the brand and thus can make viewing of the problems faced by customers in relation to the brand as well as the possible opportunities to increase satisfaction and deepening this relationship.
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User 's journey is a mapping conducted on the process of using a product or service , including goals, user needs and emotions. It includes rational desires and emotional ones that most often are not apparent in the process. The mapping is done through conversations (interviews ) , on-site observation and monitoring of users throughout the process . It takes into account the goals, emotions and elements that may influence this drive/path . Ie maps to what each involved user is feeling , thinking and doing when interacting with the steps , people, equipment and processes of experience.
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By applying the methodology design thinking and creative tools as building personas , preparation of User’s Journey and others, the Idealiza Team works with the customer team to diagnose the current situation and draw new brand experiences to its users .

It goes even further , following the implementation of the desired experience in practice. Projects carried out by Idealiza are composed of several strategic and creative tools that help professionals to find ways and generate innovative and consistent solutions to add value to the brand and the relationship of users.
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The map is a result of multidisciplinary workshops and creative solutions construction projects. It is built in conjunction with the client teams and may involve stakeholders and external users to the process as a way to generate opportunities for a wider and more creatively.
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– Develops empathy and engagement
– Modifies the vision and attitude to the challenges
– Stimulates motivation for participation and involvement
– Generates constant reflection
– Enables constant adaptation to market and changes
– Maintains focus and vision
– Integrates groups easily
– Stimulates creativity
– Encourages the action ( by encouraging the error)
– Generate practical results
– Empowers participants for decision making and action

What we do