Expertise Areas


The Design thinking is a methodology that can serve as a tool to facilitate and improve the implementation of branding and desired experience the brand in practice.

Through tools like the User Journey mapped the paths taken by users and all points of contact it with the brand. From this , we conducted customer teams in project design and action plans to ensure the implementation and delivery of the brand experience to users.



Currently internal processes need creative review, but it is not always easy to change what is already implemented . We apply technical and creative tools as a way to generate a new awareness of people about the wishes of users, and their own teams, leading them in the design , construction and implementation of projects for innovation and value the brand and the institution.



The biggest change is still to come, one in which all learn from each other , discover what they need and want, moved by curiosity and desire to learn more every day .

Respecting values ​​and opening new paths, creative education will become the main channel of all others and the consolidation of human potential . Education has been making consistent changes , from the look and feeling of the students, new creatures with new desires , which will generate new type of consumers , more active, attentive , demanding , more emotional and even rational time , with the ability to compare analyze and criticize experiences. And Idealiza created and adapted workshops models , workshops and courses to meet this wave of change.